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I'm wondering what others are using to "mount" 4x5 transparencies. I need to present them to clients from time to time and like to put them into something a little more formal than just a clear plastic sleeve.

I was using a black cardboard mount (really more of a heavy paper) that holds one transparency in a plastic sleeve with a frosted back. I can't recall who makes it. It looks good and holds the chrome securely, but the die cut opening tends to shed bits of paper trim that get inside the sleeve and static holds them there. The result is little black blotches that make it look like I forgot to clean my film holder before loading.

I know that there are other, heavier cardboard mounts out there but they can be pretty expensive ($15+ each) so I was looking for other (cheaper) alternatives. Does anyone have any suggestions? And if so, the name of the supplier? Thanks.

-- Bruce Pollock (, January 04, 2001


Bruce....I struggled for years with the flimsy mounts and the very expensive mounts. I finally found a mount I really like and the cost is reasonable. They are called Baer Mounts and are available through a company here in Salt Lake called The Stock Solution. Their address is "" They are are about 5x7 in size, not the 8x10 size, and are constructed of a very heavy cardboard. They have the white or black...I prefer the black. You have to buy the frosted sleeves seperately. Best of luck.

-- John Wiemer (, January 04, 2001.

Back when I was starting out and developing my book, an old prof of mine told me to keep everything consistent. I mounted my prints on 11x14 solid core black mount boards and did the same for my chromes (with frosted sleeves). It is wise to try to keep the boards consistent as far as horizontal vs. vertical but sometimes that is tough unless you print smaller and mount all your prints on a vertical mount... The black solid core mount boards (4 ply) can be gotten at Charrette's or at a good art supply. There are commercially available mounting systems for chromes but they aren't the same size...

-- Scott Walton (, January 04, 2001.

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