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The new host is terrible. Just watching him makes me want to change the channel. BRING ROBERT LLEWELLYN BACK!!!

-- Preston McFarland (, January 04, 2001


Agreed! Llewellyn WAS the impish heart of Junkyard Wars. He looks hungover ALL the time, yet he is ALWAYS cheerful---and TRUST ME, that sort of fortitude is the ESSENCE of inventive success. All of the legendary mechanics were hungover, carried on conversations with their torque wrenches, screamed at warped rotors, and yet managed to keep a sense of humor about them. Bob Llewellyn sort of TYPIFIED the evil genius of shadetree mechanics. BRING BACK ROBERT LLEWEL

-- Charles Austin (, January 04, 2001.

As much as Robert Llewellyn was a great co-host he could be mean at time. This guy is upbeat but can get a little tiring. Imagen being with him for 2 days. We need a happy medium. Cathy is great all around cheerful, nice, helpful, smart, ect.

-- Tyler Sweat (, January 04, 2001.

This new host is no good for the show. Just seems to be a Robert on crack, or at best a Robert wannabe. At least Robert seems intelligent and knowledgable. It really pulls down on the intelligence side of the show, which attracts me the most. This last episode made JW look so Mickey Mouse, I suppose is ok if your target audience is a very young one. But I don't know many young people who can see the convergence of brains and brawn. Which really is what sets this show apart from anything else on the boob tube. Any ways like said before, Robert had the aura of a mad inventer, a great addition to the show. Kind of sad to say but I missed his alliterations and rymes.

Please either have new guy adapt his own personality and add some intelligent remarks to the challenge, or better yet, just get Robert back!

-- David MacLaren (, January 04, 2001.

I agree, bring him back and change the format to what it was before their bastardization of it.

-- Douglas Carmichael (, January 04, 2001.

The U.K. guy sucks he is a goof ball and looks like a moron. The U.s> guy is the best he mentions Pamela Anderson

-- Cody Stockwell (, February 02, 2001.

The brit host...

1. Looks like a homeless person. 2. Appears to be drunk all of the time. 3. Talks funny. Well all brits do. 4. Wears a tie from the 70's. 5. Has bad brit teeth. Can you say Austin Powers?


Have a nice day.

-- Danny (, July 09, 2001.

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