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So I was finally able to view a VCD on my Sony DAV-S300 DVD player. I had to use Verbatim CD-RW disks, as some advised on this board.

QUESTION: But when I looked at the contents of the CD-RW, I couldn't find the MPEG1 file. There were folders and stuff, but not the 105MB file. Where is it?

-- Thumper Strauss (, January 03, 2001


The mpeg your looking for is in a folder called mpegav it is now a dat file (dat vcd),on the subject of CD-RW and CD-R disks have you tried TDK the japanise version(not the taiwanise),they seem to be the best for me,good luck.

-- tim gacic (, January 04, 2001.

Tim, how can I tell whether the TDK CD-R is from Japan or Taiwan?

-- Thumper Strauss (, January 04, 2001.

Hi,the TDK disks are marked "made in japan" or "made in taiwan" down the right hand side, bottom back corner(right down the bottom) of the back cover, you will find if you looked at both disks(japan and taiwan)on the recordable side you will see the japanise version to be darker than the taiwanise version,the japanise version seems to work better in stand-alone DVD players,I suggest that you burn your VCD's at 2-times speed not any faster,I have found that the japanise version reads in my DVD player every time,as with other disks eg.BASF,MITSUBISHI, ect,will not read everytime,but the japanise TDK version will!! any more questions feel free to ask good luck.

-- tim gacic (, January 05, 2001.

hey,thumper strauss it's tim again,Ive seen your name at the pinnaclesys message board, you were saying something about TMPG's templates(mpeg-1 templates with higher bit-rates)are these templates within the white book standards(VCD),and where do I get them from? Cheers.

-- tim gacic (, January 06, 2001.

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