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I could only watch about five minutes of the new US series before I had to turn it off. They need to bring back Robert with Cathy. The new host has the worst voice. He needs to be doing a kids show or something like that. Lets hope they dump him soon.

-- tom (, January 03, 2001


Good thing he's already hosting a kids' show, then!

"The real point of the show is not the competition. Its real goal is to teach some science, and get some kids to think that engineering or similar can be a fun thing to do with your life. The competition is (in part anyway) a trick to get them to watch those explanatory drawings until the end. (same basic relationship as the show and the commercials that break it up)."

(That's from the FAQ over at

-- YCDK (, January 03, 2001.

I agree -- George bites. Yes I see your point about the show being a teaching tool, but the show won't last long if we have people watching only 5 minutes of it and then changing channels.

Cathy is a doll

The interaction between Cathy and Robert is great. George needs to be replaced.

-- michaelb (michael, January 03, 2001.

I'm liking Cathy and George's interactions so far, the more so when you keep in mind this is the first time they've worked together. And hey, we've still got five more episodes before we can pass final judgement on this incarnation, and we can already see that the U.S. version can field good teams too - I like Three Rusty Juveniles, even if the winds don't! (And I'd say that even if Just Jay wasn't likely to read this, too....)

-- YCDK (, January 03, 2001.

Very true. Robert made the show fun and educational. I'm glad at least they kept cathy but the new guy is just trying WAY too hard to be funny. Unfourtanetly, he's just really annoying. Robert would be genuinely interested in the machines, but i get the impression that all this guy wants to do is crack jokes. Honestly, i don't know if i'll watch the show any more, which is a real shame because it WAS a wonderful little show. But, of course, as soon as american producers get a hold of it, they gotta screw it up.

-- heronhaus (, January 04, 2001.

Wow, people agree with me. Not more than 10 seconds into the show I turned to my dad and told him I hated this new guys voice.

Not only that, everything is a repeat. Pumpkins= Rugby Balls, Dragsters= Hot Rods. I looked forward to seeing something new every week. I’m watching the Hot Rod show right now... Seems they’re using the same animations from last season. The teams are even going the exact same way. Big engine and heavy. Motorcycle engine, light.... nearly EXACT.

Hearing Cathy’s voice in the descriptions was somewhat relief.

The new guy’s humor isn’t quite there. I liked the Monty Python-ish humor of the UK show. This type of humor seems more slap stick. The Teams seem to have the same stupid humor. Even the US team that made it on the UK show fit right in. (the ones that used calculators.)

-- Jedediah Frey (, January 04, 2001.

Something definitely felt wrong with the new show as soon as I watched it. Part of it was the new host George who I felt was REAL bad at in the first show but a little better in the next. My only hope is he gets better with time. I always preferred Cathy to Roger though, but she was really carrying the shows tonight. The big problem, however, was that BOTH shows were done before. The Dragster/Hot Rod one was shown just last week even!! The graphics explaining the mechanics were almost identical and both teams took the same approaches! If you're going to re-use old ideas at least start by picking ones from season 1. Also tell George that its "pumpkins", not "punkins".

-- Tom (, January 04, 2001.

AHH!!! What have they done to Junkyard Wars!! I used to love it! Now they have gone and ruined it. They have got a seprarte UK version now called Scrapheap Wars. But... but... I don't have that channel. Bring back British Junkyard Wars!! That stupid guy is soooo anoying! And hes not british! AHH! I AM NEVER EVER EVER GOING TO WATCH THAT SHOW AGAIN IF THEY DO NOT BRING BACK THE BRITISH VERSION!

-- Yummer Cat (, January 04, 2001.

Apparently the folks who invented the sport think that's how it's spelled, Tom:

Someone should congratulate George on doing his research for the show.

-- YCDK (, January 04, 2001.

Change it back.

-- Douglas Carmichael (, January 04, 2001.

That was my reaction exactly: After five minutes, I turned it off. Then, to be fair, I turned it on and watched the last 20 minutes, which were completely unenjoyable (except for Cathy). The show was boring. Its British flavour had been its great charm. The American teams were rude. I then tried 5 minutes of the next episode and could not stand that either. Will not be watching the show again...despite my addiction to tis previous incarnation...unless it is returned to its former glory.

-- skyler (, January 04, 2001.

Well....You have a point but personally i thought that both cathy, robert, and the american guy suck!!!

-- ryan (, January 04, 2001.

Quit your whining! If you can't stand it, then for pete's sake, don't watch and quit posting on this board! Some of us liked George fine, and would watch the show regardless of who was hosting! If George had been the first host, and Robert had come in to replace him, you guys would be complaining about the loud obnoxious British jerk in the stupid white suit and all his annoying noises. It's change, people, and just a part of life! We all miss Robert... but good grief, the whole season was filmed back in September, and calling TLC now isn't going to change a thing!

-- Rhonda (, January 05, 2001.

I watched for the first time and thought it was a great show...reading some of the postings I'm starting to feel like I'm listening to afternoon soap opera fans...the teams were awesome, the experts very informative...I don't have such high expectations for the hosts of any show...they both did great and I'll watch again.

-- Kathryn DeVries (, January 05, 2001.

The show is just no good without Cathy and Robert working together.They have an instant following.Breaking them up is a mistake.The old show with them together,in England,and with different crews every week was great.I am a HUGE fan of this show,but i won't watch the new ones if they stay in america and don't have cathy and robert together.

-- ralph r. hosier (, March 13, 2001.

So you're saying I'm the only person in America who has a tough time understanding Robert Llewellyn's accent? I find Craig Charles equally difficult on Robot Wars, but have no trouble at all with Cathy Roger's accent. Must have been something in the water on the set of Red Dwarf. I don't mind the new American host- at least he looks like he could- and would- actually pitch in and help build the stuff.

-- Chip Haynes (, March 16, 2001.

hey yummer cat, do you need a liitle cheese to go with that WHINE? You baby!..Shut up and turn the channel. tea time?

-- willy (, February 26, 2002.

Junk Yard wars is much better with Cathy. Americans ruined the show. Bottom line.

-- Bond (, April 04, 2004.

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