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I'm not sure what it is about the new season of Junkyard Wars, but there seems to be something missing. I'm not getting that same degree of entertainment and inspriation that I have had from the past 2 seasons. Part of it I think is the new host. I'm sorry that you have decided to go with the 90210 clone. Perhaps with time and a less over acting, he will form into a great host. Another thing is the teams. With the exception of the Rusty Juvies, the other teams didn't have that go out and get 'em feel. I understand where you are coming from, in balancing the entertainment value and the show's focus. However, I think that a better selection process should be used. A group should be entertaining and not take the show to heart. I'm not saying get a bunch of slackers, but try to balance the entertainment value with the true gung ho attitude. Anywho, that my 2 cents. Greg Agostini--PST Productions--www.cthulhulive.com--pstproductions@yahoo.com

-- Greg Agostini (ventax@aol.com), January 03, 2001

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