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Dear Junkyard Wars-

Junkyard wars is a show that has a quickly growing niche audience which has a lot of room to grow. What's the niche you ask? Well, if you are browsing this group, you are one of them and you should know who I am talking about... INTELLEGENT PEOPLE! I bet that a good 98% of your viewership uses the Internet on a regular basis.

What Junkyard wars need is a large content rich website that creates a real community of people who love to create and learn how things work.

I really think that you guys should outsource the website. I mean, you guys know how to make a great TV program, but when it comes to dynamic web communities, leave it to those who do it for a career.

Everyone I work with at Capernaum, Inc. ( absolutely love the show and we really get it. If we just had the chance to put together a website for the show, we could do some really cool things.

I mean the show's web presence is overshadowed by the N.E.R.D.S.... an American team who lost last season. Their web presence is way bigger than the actual show.

Sincerely, Your Faithful Fan, Hampton Catlin

-- Hampton (, January 03, 2001


OK... so you want to put together a web site for junkyard wars like yours? all java all the time! Sign up now! Do you know what kind of information you get from your website in a text web browser? Do you know what your site looks like to a blind person using the net?

check your own site on an html validator...

I think that the site (junkyard wars) is all it needs to be. Why is anything else needed? I think some of the teams themselves have rules about the junkyard wars - K.I.S.S. - keep it simple s@#$%^. :)

-- yacko (, January 04, 2001.

Ummm, wow that guy wasn't happy.

Well, 1) I wasn't responsible for the website that is my email root. 2) Who in the world uses a text browser. I mean, don't get mw wrong, i very much like Lynx, but who really *uses* it? 3) Do a lot of blind people watch Junkyard Wars?

-- Hampton (, June 27, 2002.

I am blind. What is Junkyard Wars. Are we ate war with a Junkyard ? God bless George W Bush.

-- Pugh (, February 24, 2003.

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