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Dear all,

Hope u bro could share some advises whether to buy Digital Ixus or other brand? My budget is 1200 and size is priority and next is quality. Should I wait for another 6 months for a better new camera ? ..

Thanks in advance..

-- Sumarto Iskandar (, January 03, 2001


You will get new gagets every now and then and your keep waiting for new and better digital camera.
The image resoultion of Ixus seems to be a little outdated as compared to other models currently available.
I am too attracted by the Ixus. You can always obtain conventional prints from Epic. If all I want is just a 3 / 4R print, I think the combination of a digital camera dn Epic is currently good enough and the cost is almost the same as the traditional film.

-- Wee Keng Hor (, January 05, 2001.

Thanks brother,

I did have other cameras, 800si, maxxum9000 and 7000... but I'm not really satisfied with the result.. I'm using the Tamron 28-200 LD(IF) Super... The colour and clarity do not satisfy me, I have checked, no fungus on the lense or any problems...


-- Iskandar (, January 05, 2001.


Nice to hear that you have a full range of AF SLRs.... Among your collection, I have a 7000. I also have a 7xi and a Dynax 9. But I was dissapointed to hear that you were not happy with the results particulary with colour and clarity. It sounds like a lens thing, not a body problem.... I think that by starting to check on the condition of the lens (as you have done, was a very good idea)..

But the thing is this.... unfortunately, the wider the zoom range, the less likely you are gonna be happy with clarity and colour results. I have read quite a bit about this lens you have. I belive there were 2 editions, could you tell me which year you bought yours, I remembered that the testing results actually pointed out that one was better than the other...

Actually, Minolta's original lenses are good, though yes they can be expensive... Hey, but the amount of $ you have spent on the AF SLR bodies so far, should not be wasted, if you are not using the good lenses. I personally have not used all Minolta lenses, but they are quite a few to look at....

Sounds like you are a zoom lens person. If you still have a chance look out for the 1st generation AF 28-135mmm sharp until actually the far extreme 135mm side of things. rear focusing makes it a really unique and fast focusing lens...but it has got some weight you would need to live with...

Something current? AF 24-85mm... look for the circular aperture edition. AF 28-105 mm is fine, but I will not pass the AF 24-85mm..


-- chris (, May 20, 2001.

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