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Too many years ago (around 1960) I owned a British post war 35mm camera which I believe was called a Goldstar Periflex. Focusing was aided by the use of a periscope device which retracted when the shutter was released. It was a fine camera which I eventually traded. Does anyone remember this camera and are there any web-based resources covering this unique design? I am unable to find any references.

-- Paul Ashton (, January 03, 2001


I'm not aware of any on the web, but there is an excellent book called "Collecting and Using Classic Cameras" by Ivor Matanle, which deals with the Periflex in some detail among a large number of other fine classic cameras. I've never had a Periflex, but I'd like to someday.


-- Rick Oleson (, January 05, 2001.

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