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1-How about the challenge of creating a large wood "chipper" or a rock crusher. The first team to crush a certain amount of rock or chipping a number of trees wins. It seems to me that these machines would be large and fun for tv purposes.

2-Snow machine. Ski resorts use these to enhance ski trails, it would be interesting to see who could build a snow making machine to cover a hillside the fastest and then the first to "ski" themselves down the slope to the finish line wins.

3- Drilling machine- Team that can build a machine that will drill holes in the ground and place utility poles in them first wins...

-Please feel free to modify or expand on these ideas. After all that is what learning is all about, not being narrow minded!

Thanks, John

-- John Eaton (, January 03, 2001


I am surprised no one has brought up the idea of rockets. I am not talking about rockets that teams sit in. but like model rockets made out of scrap, to win your teams rocket has to stay in flight the longest. It is a simple design but a lot can go wrong....

-- david bellmore (, January 04, 2001.

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