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I have two EOS5 bodies.When using in 'green mode' ie fully goof proof the built in flash unit insists on popping up at the most seemingly unnecessary times ..ie in broad daylight when exposure says eg 300/f8 or similar. In the "PROGRAME MODE" this doesn't seem to happen. I was wondering if I have two faulty EOS5's (unlikley) or is this the norm using the fully auto 'green' setting? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Phill

-- Phill Williams (pwill@acay.com.au), January 03, 2001


This is normal for the green mode. Program mode doesn't do this, and offers a little more control. You really shouldn't notice much difference between the green mode and program in most situations, but then, I've never used the green mode or any of the PIC modes, so I can't say there won't be ANY differences other than the flash popping up automatically. AV, TV, and M are great if you have a specific effect in mind, but P is a good compromise for snapshots if you don't want to have to make too many decisions yourself.

-- Brad Hutcheson (bhutcheson@iname.com), January 03, 2001.

The North American version (A2E) doesn't pop the flash up automatically in any mode. But then it doesn't have the manual metering scale either. I believe I'd rather have the 5.

-- Jim Strutz (jimstrutz@juno.com), January 04, 2001.

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