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Last week I saw a terrific documentary on the life of the legendary Gospel singer Dorothy Love Coates. It is a PBS production and I highly recommend you check your tv viewings the next time it airs in your market. The documetary covers her life story from her youth in Birmingham, AL to lead singer of the famed Gospel Harmonettes to the quintessential Gospel soloist to movie actor [Ghost & Beloved]. The narration and actual footage covering the events of this extraordinary musician are simply superb. Oh, you will need a tamborine handy to keep up with the beat :-) QED

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001


Is Mrs. Love Coats still living? me and my husband was wondering because we had not heard any news about her. Please let us know, thanks,

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2001

Dorothy Love Coats died in may of this year in Birmingham Alabama

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2002

I am Mrs.Dorothy Love Coates' granddaughter and my granmother passed away on April 9th, 2002. She was buried at New Gracehill Cemetry beside her sister who sang with her for many years Lillian Caffey and her husband (my grandfather) Carl D. Coates of the Sensational Nightengales.

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

I live in Indianapolis, IN. One of our Gospel DJs, Brother Robert Turner, always called her his mentor. He said she is responsible for a lot of music. Even some that are being sung today by different choirs. They may have rearranged the tune, but it's her words.

He dedicated his morning show to Dorthy Love Coates, the day he announced her homegoing.

I know she will be greatly missed by you and your family.

In Christ, Rose

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2002

Ms Coats was not only an exceptional singer but she was a great writer and arranger as well. She has left a legacy of wonderful gospel standards. She will be missed and never replaced.

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2002

While searching the internet tonight for information on how to contact Dorothy Love Coates, I discovered that she had passed in April, 2002. I would like to say that she was one of God's finest singers and a lengendary composer of gospel music. I grew up listening to her music and I could feel that she had a real relationship with the Lord. I heard one of her old songs "I'm Holding On And I Won't Let Go My Faith" the other day on the radio and remembered what an inspiration she had been to me when I was a younger man. I am so sorry that I didn't try to contact her sooner to share my appreciation for her work over the years. May she rest in Jesus until that great gettin up morning.

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2003

I will always love and remember Sis.Dorothy Love Coats.Growing up listening to her great gift of music in songs.One song in mind to today I always do {YOU BROUGHT ME FROM A MIGHTY LONG WAYS}Gone but never forgotten.We love but God wants some good thing to.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2003

It was a pleasure to work with such a great artist during the 1970's. Dorothy was real. I'm so happy that even today fans enjoy our recording of "I'm Holding On And Won't Let Go". As a gospel producer I worked with many but Dorothy was one of a kind. I was excited when the producers for the PBS special allowed me to be a small part. I shall never forget her kindness and our many lenghty telephone conversations (even after I left the music business in 1982). People change, but God never changes, she always told me. SHANNON WILLIAMS, Gospel Record Producer

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2003

Dear sister williams thank you so much for sharing your recollections about Dorothy Coates on this bulletin board. And it is an honor to have you on this board. I would love for you to share more with us about your memories and could you also share a little about other gospel artists you have produced. Also in your mind what makes a great gospel recording artist, who do you see making it in the future. Again welcome to the board.

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2003

Those of us in the Dayton, Ohio area truly enjoyed the recordings and performances of Sister Dorothy Love Coats over the span of her gospel music career. A special family favorite of ours was City Built Four Square (They've Got the Word). This was such an inspiring composition both musically and lyrically. Stanley Henry, a gospel dj for Radio Station WDAO used to play her recordings all the time, for he too really loved the music of Sister Coats. A third generation of our family is now loving and enjoying her music.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2003

Can anyone tell me the name of the PBS special referred to as I would like to see it or obtain a copy of it.

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2003


If you contact your local PBS channel where you live they can do an archival search and provide you with a copy of the Dorothy Love Coats program. QED

-- Anonymous, April 13, 2003

I am looking for song lyrics to some of Dorothy Love Coats songs, could u tell me where i could find them.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2003

I saw the documentary on Sis. Dorothy Love Coates. I realized that she is undoubtedly one of THE BEST artists who has ever lived!

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2003

As a child growing up I was fascinated by the power, character, and anointing of Dorothy Love Coates. It seemed to me, back then, that when she opened her mouth God Himself stood still. I listened every day: morning, noon and night just in awe of such an anointing (which I am sure came at a great cost). Today, I am 20 years old, I am off in college, and you know what? I do not go one full day without listning to at least one of her albums, and they STILL hold the same power they did then. I am blessed with almost all her records, I have as many surviving VHS clips as I could obtain because I am hungry for the same degree of holiness that she acheived (The Bible says "follow those who through faith and patience have obtained the promises..."). Though I was not blessed to be alive while she was in her traveling days, I was blessed, through all this material, to see a glimpse of what a true saint is: powerful, anointed, a bearer of impeccable character and integrity, and holy. To the Coates family, thank you for sharing your Mother, sister, and grandmother with us, those of us who she brought to Christ, will never be able to thank her enough, and for those of us she continues to encourage through her music, we could never fully repay her. Thank you Sis. Coates for being my mentor. I love you.

"BIG" Brother Jon Prairie View A&M University Texas

-- Anonymous, September 04, 2003

I am replying to an e-mail with no return e-mail: yes, I do have many lyrics, if you need them and alot of sheet music, but no it is not for sale and I cannot copy it. In Christ, Brother Jon.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2003


Shannon Williams, who posted on this thread a few months ago, has passed away. Shannon was actually a man, and while many of you probably do not know who he was, I do ask that you pray for his family, and friends, and pray that the Lord would use this event to draw many of his friends that did not know the Lord to Himself.


-- Anonymous, October 24, 2003

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