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I have three (x?)VCD compliant MPEG1 streams here, two of which won't work, because there appears to be some corruption at some point. The Xing encoder will only process it up to that point when I try demuxing/remuxing it. IFilmEdit will complain and refuse to edit the stream there. Same with the tools in TMPGEnc. And when I try fixing the thing with VCDGear the result won't even play and is 100MB too short.

Strangely enough the streams PLAY without a hitch in all players I've tried so far. I just cannot burn them to a VCD using WinOnCD (which also thinks the files are only three minutes long each, despite their size of 220MB). I haven't tried Nero yet, because none of the VCDs I ever burned with Nero played in any of my drives later on.

Anyway, I can play the streams but not edit the streams. Do you happen to know ANY program to analyse and fix an MPEG with errors such as these? (Whatever they are.)

-- Ulrich Schreglmann (, January 02, 2001

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