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Now that I'm back in town let me wrap up the three days of Kwanzaa I missed during my absence.

Day 5: Nia [i.e. purpose] December 30 This Principle admonishes us to make our collective vocation the building of our community and to restore our people to their traditional greatness. A sense of purpose is vital for acheiving anything of worthy value. It is the guiding light that helps us navigate along the meandering journeys of life. In dedication to this Principle my wife and I named our daughter at her birth, Nia. Now read Micah 6:8.

Day 6: Kuumba [i.e. creativity] December 31 This Principle exhorts us to do as much as we can to strive for the beautification of our communities and pass on the benefits to our posterity. As responsible adults it is imperative to assist our children and kids in general to reach their creative potential. When an individual reaches that potential the benefits transcend the person and spread to others. Or, as we say in economic theory, Kuumba is associated with positive externalities :-) Now read Jeremiah 18:1-6.

Day 7: Imani [i.e. faith] January 1 This Principle teaches us to believe with our hearts in our people, parents, teachers and leaders. We should also have unwavering convictions about the righteousness and victory of our struggle. Perhaps no Kwanzaa Principle speakes to the soul of a Christian like Imani. The foundation of our theology is faith. As St. Paul summarized without it [faith] it is impossible to please God. Faith is indeed the sine qua non for our worship experience. Now read one of the most widely cited Scriptures in the N.T. Hebrews 11:1.

Happy Belated Kwanzaa to all!! QED

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2001

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