Picture ok on TV, jumpy on capture?

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I am having a problem getting some video captured and I was hoping that there is a fix.

I have 3 SVHS tapes that I am trying to capture. Viewed on the TV they look fine. No jumps or jitters. When viewed on the computer the picture tends to jump; especially the upper part of the picture (maybe the top 1/8th) which will jerk back and forth at radom.

I have another SVHS tape that works fine and I've tried the 3 tapes on 2 different VCRs, so I am confident that it is the tapes that are the problem.

So the question is... Is it possible to clean up the signal coming from the tapes before I capture the video?

I can understand why the signal would look find on a TV and not on the computer, I just wish I could clean it up so everything looks ok.

Thanks for any help!


-- Nick (nick@rightstep.org), January 02, 2001


I m having same problem as ur's.If i track the picture on TV and try to capture,I get picture recorded fully but while playing it plays only half of the time recorded..Say if the capture is of 30 mins,it will play only 10/15/20 mins..In between it plays in fastforward mode or jumpy mode. I tried Cleaning some similiar tapes but doesnt work perfectly..Only sucessfull to som extent..So for finding the answer for that came across ur Question..Maybe u have found the answer for that by now..If so share it with me..Maybe I come across some answer I will surely share with U..Thanx in advance

-- Narender (narender12_2000@rediffmail.com), November 22, 2002.

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