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TimeBomb2000 was moved by Ed Yourdon in March 2000 to ezboard,
where the upgraded software was much more conducive to a growing discussion group.

This was a HotLink to join the [then] new, improved TB2K:

ezTB2K < --- This incarnation of ezTB2K was closed in April 2001 at Ed Yourdon's request.
Those archives at ezTB2K Archives

*** Please see above Archive Table for Links to complete TB2K Archives.

The TimeBomb Journey continues at TimeBomb2000,
and TB2K Full Topic: Links where participants are posting.

NOTE: The newest incarnations of TimeBomb2000 are not associated at all with Ed Yourdon.

-- home (is@even.better), January 01, 2001


This post is now outdated and no longer applies: TB2K has moved to its own HOME,
and ezboard software technology has upgraded.

However, these helpful configuration settings may be useful to those viewing ezboard archives.

Come join the rigorous, witty, informative and intelligent discussions at ezTB2K

If you register and then log in at ezboard, you will be able to customize your viewing and posting just as you like it.


Configuration for OPTIMAL Viewing

Checking these Preferences will quickly and easily enable you to see all replies on the same thread, and set up your ezboard experience for maximum readability and navigation.

Register with EzBoard, then LOG IN (which sets a cookie that keeps your configurations).

Go into "My Control Center"
Click on "Personal" tab
Click on "Edit Preferences"
Check both boxes under "Cookie Control"
Check "Auto Fill Subject"
Do NOT check "View Only New Topics"
Check "Automatically Move New Topics To Top"
Check "Use Emoticons"
Check "Autocreate Links"
Do NOT check "Enable HTML In Posts" : this one is buggy. You can choose it when you are replying to a post if you like.
Check "Use EzCodes"
For "Max Number Of Posts Per Page" type in 100
"Post Area Width" leave on 60
Control Center Type, button in "Expert"
Do NOT check "Use Voice Post Feature"
Check "Accept Private Messages" (your eMail addy is not revealed)
Check "Accept Admin Emails" (your eMail addy is not revealed)

Then scroll to bottom of page and hit "Submit Changes"

You want to see this:

My Control Center/Logout | Show new only | Mark forum read | Search | Help
Post New Topic | Post New Poll | Expand | Forums Listing

Now, if yours says Collapse, click "Collapse" and it will become "Expand."
Screen may twitch a bit, and take a while to reload, and when it does:

Voila! That should make it better :-)

NOW, in addition, also

When in a thread, look at Links line along top. It should look like this:

Topics listing | View posts individually | Topic Commands | Email this to a friend

If it says "View All At Once," click that to view all the posts on the thread, which eliminates having to read black text against a darkish colored background.

ALSO, if there's black text on darkish colored background, you can sweep the cursor over the block of text you want to read easier, and highlight it. That will give you a bright background quickly!

To scroll down a page quickly, simply hold your mouse button on the Down Scroll Arrow.
Or, hit the "Page Down" button.
Or grab the scroll bar slider box with your mouse and jam it to the bottom (or wherever you want to go).


PS The WebTV consultant says to set your posts per page at 20.

After you are familiar with ezboard, you can always change your Preferences to adapt to your evolving likes and dislikes. As ezboard adds features and upgrades, there may be more Preferences to set, and changes that may be helpful.

-- ezboard (features@were.better), January 01, 2001.

Chickenshits . . .

"a href="">BombShelter

Your actions belie all your words.

-- We've Got Proof (Perhaps@Bit.Of"Enlightenment"IsInOrder?), June 08, 2001.

Please note that this forum is not "owned" by any faction; it is a creation of hundreds of people, many of whom worked long and hard to keep it alive. Changing the password so that only yourselves have sysop access was unnecessary. Furthermore, directing people to only two of the spinoff forums where only some of the TB2kers hang out and deleting links people have posted is dishonest and spiteful and fits the definition of censorship.

The latest incarnation of TB2K, referenced in the post starting this thread, is run by Dennis Olson after Chuck, Wilferd, Mebs and Zog resigned. Old Git, Borogrove and Maggie had resigned some months before. Readalot's forum is composed heavily of fundamental religionists who left ezTB because there was too much dissension about the number of religious posts.

Chuck, Zog, Wilferd and Mebs have a forum called Bomb Shelter here

Old Git, Wilferd, Barefoot Mailman, Mebs, Carl Lilly, Maggie and many other old friends hang out at a Greenspun forum, Current News, here

Currents is password-protected but you can click on the address to apply for the magic word.

-- Old Git (, June 08, 2001.


-- Old Git (, June 08, 2001.

Bump to the top

-- home (is@even.better), June 16, 2001.

hey, to the worthless piece of shit who feels the need to delete post at will!! FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!! LOSER!

-- Eat shit and die (polly', June 17, 2001.

So that is where Maggie wnt.

-- (Oh@wel.lllll), June 17, 2001.

Maggie (aka Boom Boom) also posts at Bomb Shelter (link above) and keeps everyone informed about earthquakes and volcanoes as well as other interesting reports.

-- Old Git (, June 17, 2001.

Is there a bigger sack of hypocritical excrement than Old Git? When she had a position of power on the old Timebomb, she relished the power she had to delete and ban those whose opinions differed from hers. Looks good on ya....

-- Y2K Pro (, June 21, 2001.


-- ggggggggggg (, October 01, 2001.

it happened

-- are (you@pre.pared), October 28, 2001.

To the top

-- Somebody (wanted@to.know), December 02, 2001.

And I see the chemtrail doomers still beleive that Y2K was TEOTWAWKI - it's just the "sheeple" haven't noticed it yet...giggle...

-- Buff Body (, December 03, 2001.

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