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is it true that disrecognized space is closing down???? it would be very sad to see the best aeon site left go. however, in the even that it does go, i am willing to host an aeon site. my html skillz are alright. i figure this is something to propose to the people of this msg board becuase u guys probably have the largest collection of aeon stuff (pictures, sounds, desktop themes, etc.) so i would like to hear ur guys thoughts on this. thanks

-- Dann (Slims01@hotmail.com), January 01, 2001


It's still being finalized, but Disrecognized Space is definitely NOT going to vanish. The content is going to be gone temporarily, and a bare page with just links to other sites will take it's place for about a month or so. And so long as everything goes right, DS will return, bigger and better than ever.

Yes, the days of simplenet are over, and for now, DS is in limbo, but it's return is on the horizon.

I just don't want to announce it as official, because everything hasn't been worked out yet, and let's face it: shit happens.

-- Chaos Knight (chaosknight@charter.net), January 01, 2001.

What is simplenet?

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), January 01, 2001.

It WAS the best webhost. "Unlimited" space and bandwith for a measly $10 a month.

Yahoo bought them out, and has killed their original packages. I don't like the new hosting plans, so I'm moving.

-- Chaos Knight (chaosknight@charterr.net), January 01, 2001.

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