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I have an EOS 3 with which I am dissatisfied. It's too heavy, too complex, etc, etc. I've very familiar with the EOS range (12 years + experience) and have still got an old 650, and have had a 10 (p/exch for the 3).

I'm going to get rid of the 3 and replace it with an older body. I'm deciding between a 100 (Elan, I think, in N America) or an old 600 (630) - I like the handling on the older cameras; the 650 always felt absolutely right to me.

The question (finally!) is: - how does the AF on the 600 compare to that on the later bodies, eg Elan? I know that AF was slow on the 650, but I'd heard/read that it was enhanced on the 600. Is this true? Anyone out there with experience of 650, 6(3)00, and Elan who can comment?

-- Tom Burke (, January 01, 2001


At one time or another I have owned a 620 & 650 (same miserable AF), 630 (much improved) Elan (improved more) 5 (still improved), Elan II (better yet).

I never really liked the 620/650 since the AF was so slow but the 600/630 was a big improvement. It felt the same as the others but was more complicated to operate with the 7 PIC modes & 7 Custom Functions. Of course it was considerably more useful too.

I think the Elan (or maybe the Elan II) is the easiest to operate and has a cross type AF sensor that is a bit more reliable than the 600/630.

None of these initiates an AF operation as fast as a 3, 5 or Elan II so you may not like the step down from the 3.

-- Jim Strutz (, January 01, 2001.

I used to own an EOS630 and still own the original Elan, an EOS 5 & an EOS 3. The 630 feels great in the hand--almost as solid and heavy as an EOS1. I really liked the camera except for one thing: the AF was undependable for my type of photography. I kept a 24mm lens on it and focused manually.

The Elan's single cross sensor can lock on to almost anything but it lacks the hand feel of the 630--it's light but very plastic feeling. The Elan's motor is soft enough for theater but confuses models. In contrast, the 630 is loud and robust sounding, great for models but bad for theater. If AF is important and you like the older cameras, I'd stick with the EOS10 or Elan/100. The lack of an AFcross sensor in the 630/600 was a real handicap for me.

-- puppyface (, January 03, 2001.

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