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hi there evryone. i think this site is absolutely great!!!. almost evrything related to the creation of vcds is covered. im pretty new to this and wanna try this really badly. please could someone tell me what software i exactly need to make a good quality dvd, something with menu screens, chapter options, just like the way they are in dvds. iv read stuff about video pak 4 but i cant seem to find it on the net, and also im using winoncd 3.6, where can i get a free download of version 3.7? I would be very much appreciated if someone would kindly mail me or post some answers about how to get started, because i wanna be like all u lot! thanku very much.


-- sharky (, December 31, 2000


Where can i download WinOnCd 3.7 for free???

-- Hookdump Kabal (, May 18, 2001.

benim sony cd min içinde winoncd vardı tabi bir zamanlar ve ne olduysa anasını bellemişler bende bu proğramı sizden rica ederek isteyom

-- Barış Özgür KÖKSAL (, August 21, 2001.

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