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I was wondering if someone could give me some tried and tested settings to use in CinemaCraft SP for encoding AVIs to make an SVCD compliant MPEG2: 1. Video Encode Mode (CBR, one pass VBR, multi-pass VBR) 2. Bitrate Avg. 3. Video/GOP/AUDIO 4. Quality Precedence I have heard people say that it is necessary to multiplex (mux) the output of CinemaCraft in Tsunami, where can I find those elusive SVCD settings files for it? My sources will be from DiVX and they will be frameserved from VirtualDub if that makes a difference.

-- Anonymous (, December 31, 2000


Try these address :

You'll find an answer for every (repeat, EVERY) question about SVCD creation.

Also try this (about DivX-> SVCD conversion):

Enjoy, Antonio

-- Antonio (, January 05, 2001.

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