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what is the capablebilitys of a lincon SP-170T WELDER? AND WHAT IS THE RETAIL COST OF THIS ITEM?

-- eric shane waldron (A4gasm@hotmail.com), December 31, 2000



I looked up the Lincon SP-170T Welder just to make sure it was not a resistance welder, and it is not. You are asking in the wrong welding Q-A group to get an answer.

You can get a lot more info about it by doing a web search: http://www.mamma.com/Mamma?p1=1&timeout=4&query=SP- 170T&qtype=0&x=65&y=7

or looking at the manufacturer's web site: http://www.lincolnelectric.com/products/wprod/sp170t.asp


-- Sam (snowsam@eng.auburn.edu), January 01, 2001.

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