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Is anyone aware of a way to make glass negatives in Cambo legend 8x10? Would it be possible to make film holders small enough to fit the camera back? Or is anyone aware of how to get a hold of existing film backs for producing glass negatives?

-- Amjad Saleh Fao'ur (, December 31, 2000


Amjad, I hate to answer your question with a question, but what exactly is a glass negative? I have heard the term used before but have no experience in this area. Thanks

-- Bill Glickman (, January 01, 2001.

You need glass plate holders.

Linhof use to make them in smaller sizes but discontinued them quite some time ago. If you can get a Cambo 810 to 45 or 57 reducing back then you could look for some used Linhof glass plate/sheet film holders. They are easy to identify. They have a spring loaded plate to adjust for the difference in thickness between glass plates and sheet film (some mistsakenly call this a pressure plate which it can't be) and it has a lever to eject the plate.

The HP Combi Plan T daylight film processor, when used with the straight sides facing each other, processes up to 6 glass plates.

You might also find glass plate holders from Hoffmann Camera.

-- Bob Salomon (, January 01, 2001. They had some the last time I was in there. They also have lots of 5x7 and 8x10 holders very reasonably priced. james

-- lumberjack (, January 01, 2001.

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