80-200 f4.0

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I read good ratings on this lense. Is there only one Canon FD 80-200 F4.0 lens? Or is there a regular one and also a "L" one ?

-- Howard Z (howard@howardz.com), December 30, 2000


Oh never mind. I found the answer. There is a regular and also an "L" version of the lens. I only find wonderful statements about the "L" version which went into production at the time EOS lenses were starting to be manufactured.

-- Howard Z (howard@howardz.com), December 30, 2000.

Actually there three different 80-200 zooms. The old mount 80-200 S.S.C., the New FD 80-200 and the New FD 80-200 L.

The two non-L versions have a built in hood.

The best is the L version of course, but the New FD 80-200 is a very nice lens. I don't know much about the old mount versions, but it probably the same optical design. The two lenses are the same size and about the same weight, but the old mount version uses 55mm filters, and the New FD versions uses 58mm filters.

-- Terry Carraway (TCarraway@compuserve.com), December 31, 2000.

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