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Guys, I have a very weird thing, I was very fat 2 years ago, I lost 35kg coz I did some heavy aerobic workouts, and few month's ago i stop the heavy aerobic and started to gain some muscle, now, the weird thing is, I had no fat at all in the waiste while I was doing the heavy aerobic, and since i'm doing only light aerobic now, and heavy wegihts, some fat in the back of the waiste has appear again, but the thing is, I got good b/f in all the body, 10% b/f, but I have fat in the waiste . . thats the only place in the body I have fat, the other parts doesn't have fat . . how come ?! and is there away to lose this kind of fat ? it seems to be a place that making me troubles. . I wonder if I ever can keep this fat off without doing heavy aerobic . . please leave you'r opinion to me. Thanx. Roee.

-- Roee (, December 30, 2000

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