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-- Paul (, December 30, 2000


The animated film that never was, and looking at the script, it's easy to see why.

-- Paul (, December 30, 2000.

Paul, are you going to forever torture us nightly with Aeonic dreams? What is this movie? It says the release date was April 14, 2000? I don't understand, didn't we already do April 14, 2000? Where is this movie?

-- Barb e. (, December 30, 2000.

P.S. I'll take the back of a bazooka bubble gum wrapper for a script if it's got Aeon/Trevor in it at this point...Chung and Baker can sign their names and I'll still pay the 5 bucks...

-- Barb e. (, December 30, 2000.

It was bad - not only did it dig up old ideas like clones and virii, it directly borrowed lines on a number of occasions. The odd thing to me is that apparently a lot of work was put into it. I'm starting to think only Peter could really send Aeon in new directions...

-- Matthew Rebholz (, December 30, 2000.

Hee hee... I found this whilst doing a Google search. Guess it was just another aborted attempt, which as we all know, Hollywood is full of. Actually, a gum wrapper would be preferable to this script... it'd make great MSTing material, though.

"the virus has a slightly different effect on your gnome"

-- Paul (, December 30, 2000.

Oh, I was under the impression that this was just a fan script - was this an actual attempt? I hope not... it was very sad.

-- Matthew Rebholz (, December 30, 2000.

Hey, didn't Peter say that he read the official movie script and was horrified by it? Is this that script?

-- Frosty the Snow Chick (, December 30, 2000.

This script was probably fan fiction, the writer is c.s. wood.

-- Barb e. (, December 30, 2000.

C.S. Wood??? who the hell got him to write the Aeon movie??? i'm sorry but that is the wrong source for an aeon movie. personally i thought that script was awfull (i'd still go see it though.) personally i believe that if u wanted to create a good aeon movie u should go to a fan. as far as i see the people on this msg board contain more aeon knowledge than anywhere else. i'm sure u all could write a hell of a script. Does anybody know if peter chung supports this script or was this just the work of some moron jerking us around???just my angry 2 cents

P.S. i know i don't post much, but i read the board everyday. i'm just afraid posting will display my stupidity.

-- Dann (, December 31, 2000.

All we are is dust in the window.

-- Barb e. (, December 31, 2000.

Well whatever that was it was sad. It was no fan fiction fan fiction would never be so disrepectful to the nature of the origional creation(or it would be all dirty sex). That has to have been a hollywood script. It was they just watched the episodes and took an idea here and an idea there. The same goes for dialouge. I'm glad it was nevers. Maybe this is a hoax there is reference to the Matrix, and well would that have been out by the time this script was written. There are several, errors even in the grammer. I hope someday my gnome is so adaptable.

-- Nadar (, December 31, 2000.

I wrote C.S. Wood and asked him about this. The following is an email answer: "Fan fic. I wrote it for an online game mimicking the Hollywood process of a film's conception to birth. Hope this sums things up. Best Wishes, Christopher S. Wood. " Personally, I never did think it was all that bad, it even had a good little plot, kind of a 'leftovers' from the show, it was nice to read a new script, although it wasn't a Gaffney or a Mars. So I'm going to say: thanks Chris! Pretty darn creative of ya. Cool artwork by the way.

-- Barb e. (, December 31, 2000.

Barb's right, it's some sort of "virtual film" page. Don't I feel stupid...

-- Paul (, January 01, 2001.

My new year's resolution: don't jump to so many conclusions. Glad you enjoyed the fic, though.

-- Paul (, January 01, 2001.

I wonder if any of us could give it another try, something a bit more original?

-- Matthew Rebholz (, January 01, 2001.

This script or whatever was not very original, but i enjoyed reading it just for the simple fact that it's aeon. I did not understand the ending though, why smash the vile? was it not a cure that trevor wanted to sell to the highest bidder? hum yes i agree we should write our own aeon flux script. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

-- Lady Morgan (, January 01, 2001.

yes WRITE AN AEON SCRIPT!!!! ok lemme start...the characters should include:...... Aeon, Trevor...... ok thats about where my knowledge runs out, ok u guys can take it from there..

-- Dann (, January 01, 2001.

Personally, I have never been the 'fanfic' type.

-- Barb e. (, January 01, 2001.

I applaud anyone with the time, patience and creativity to attempt fan-fics, you can invariably find something good (perhaps new) in every one.

-- William (, January 01, 2001.

Actually, that's not a bad idea; the Yahoo club has had a round-robin going on for some time. Perhaps, if we all got together one evening, we could come up with something equivalent?

-- Paul (, January 02, 2001.

great idea. count me in. pick a date.

-- scarlett (, January 03, 2001.

Although I can't write I would like to suggest a scenerio I'd like to see. Trevor, in disguise, in Monica, (for a change) dressed as a well heeled gentleman blending in the crowd moving along easily, until he spots a certain mannequin in a window, wearing the outfit he's come to love...or something of this nature. I think it'd be fun to see Trev try his hand at the spy game on the other side of the border for a change.

-- Barb e. (, January 04, 2001.

Paul, don't feel too bad, I'm still not sure, as he states, "I wrote it for an online game..." exactly what does that mean, anyway?

-- Barb e. (, January 05, 2001.

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