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as i was growing up here in the states, there was a board game called"mousetrap" the premise was to build a series of obstacles ,involving a path a marble rolls on.....maybe a larger version involving a rugby ball or tire,rim....etc with goals of longest duration of continued movement, and possibly the inclusion of devices to lift the object item back up again so the movement is prolonged! the main mode of power for this would be gravity to keep the object item moving!...... just an idea!.....e mail me if youd like any more ideas on this , or any elaborations!

-- tim (, December 30, 2000



That sounds good, so long as it is BIG and DIRTY! That is one of the things I love about the show... just how dirty their "uniforms" are by the end of the day!

-- Rhonda (, December 30, 2000.

That sounds good, and it should have some parts that explode, burn, whistle, etc. for added interest.

-- Richard Manahan (, December 30, 2000.

that very idea of creativity and inventiveness is what the show is all about!....and some final judging may be done by an audience of locals that can be invited for the final viewing/judging!

-- tim (, December 30, 2000.

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