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Well, it was an experiment, after all... my T4's batteries died yesterday. I had been experimenting with the Wein Zinc Air cells, as the environmentally correct alternative to the criminal Mercury cells.

Everything seemed okay. I had shot about 6 pics and noticed the aperture seemed about 2 stops from where I'd expected. Used the camera's battery test circuit, which showed everything okay. But a couple lens swaps and "gray card" tests (sidewalk, bright sun) showed a 2 or 3 stop discrepancy.

I would guess the Weins survived about 5-6 months, maybe 20 or 30 rolls of film in that particular camera. And, I'm pretty good about remembering to turn off the camera when I'm done using it. They were advertised to expect a year with "normal" use, whatever that is.

I'd mail ordered the Weins and it would be a while until I could get some more (at a reasonable price of around $5 or $6 a pair). Not wanting to park my main T4 for a week or more, I stopped by the grocery store to check out their supply of 675 Zinc/Air Hearing Aid batteries. Thanks in part to tips I'd found earlier on this B.B.

Bought 4 cells (rated at 1.4V, maybe they are just rounding up?) for the price of two Weins and slipped the little washer/collars off the Weins (a little persuasion with my car key) and put the collars on the 675 cells so they would fit the 625-sized compartment of the T4.

Bingo! All is well, and the T4 has churned through 4 more rolls of film since. Meter is dead on when compared to the FT-1 in my bag and two hand-held meters.

The point? Half the price and none of the wait. I plan to get some O-rings, to use instead of the Wein washer/collars, as someone else mentioned. That way I can prepare another 4 cells for the next dead-battery crisis.

By the way, I suspect the Weins are exactly the same as the Energizer Hearing Aid batteries, probably manufactured in China for all the battery companies... they probably just buy them and add their little collars! Oh, and the Weins were advertised to have a 10 year shelf life. But, the hearing aid batteries all had pretty short expiration dates... the longest I saw was about 6 months. Maybe that's the difference.

Happy new year all! May your REAL new millenium have perfect light, great composition, sharp focus, nice contrast and a pleasing color palette!

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2000


Air Cells

I just read your posting about Air Cells and I agree.I have been using them for about six mounths with no problems. The Radio Shack sells the RS675 pack of 4 for $2.95, and you can get the O-rings at Home Depot in the plumbing dept. stk# 35724B, size 1/2 X 3/8 X 1/16 for .18 each, cheap enough! In reguard to my posting before Christmas about film loading and take up on my FT-1, I found the problem. The switch in the door latch was fine, but in the lower gasket channel back by the door hinge there is another switch that was dirty. I cleaned with a little contact cleaner and now it's working great. Thanks for the help on this one and good luck with the Air Cells. The RS675 also works great without the O-ring in my T-3.

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2000

I found 5 original Mercury Batteries at my photography store.

They are asking $5 each. But, I am thinking I may instead try the Zinc Air batteries and see what happends.


-- Anonymous, January 05, 2001

Zinc airs

Hi Mike

You won't be disapointed. These batteries and o-rings have been in my TC and T-3 for 6 months now with quit a bit of use and the meters ar still right on the money Frank

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2001

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