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I Have a Digital Sony Camcorder that I Capture to my PC with a Firewire Card. I wish to Burn my home Movies onto a CDR wich can be played on a stand alone DVD player through my TV.

I have got as far as burning my Movie in a MPeg 1 format to CD, but when I try to play it on my DVD Player the display reads disk error!

Do I need to do anything special to the CDR to make it play? e.g. Autorun or burn using a diferent format?

My DVD Player is a Toshiba SD2109, I am using VideoWave III software for rendering my movies.

Any help on this would be great as I am a beginer to this field!! Many Thanks

-- Tony Brown (, December 29, 2000


It sounds like your on the right track. First of all it sounds like you have already encoded the video to MPEG1 format. If you have, your problem is probably that your CD burner software doesn't offer Video Cd burning. You can't just take the MPEG1 file and burn it as a data cd, this will not work. The best CD burning software I've encountered is Nero. This has a VCD option and a wizard function to walk you through set up of vcd. Visit for details about making VCD's, step by step

-- derek (, December 29, 2000.

If you are indeed running your MPEG1 video through a VCD creator program, then the VCD should be readable on your DVD player. I use adaptec easy CD creator deluxe. It has a program called video CD creator under the "advanced" subfolder of the Adaptec program icons. It pre-screens your MPEG1 file(s) to make sure that they comply with the proper specifications prior to "accepting" the file(s) for inclusion in your VCD. You must use a MPEG1 encoding program to make sure that the file meets the specs. For reference, they are : Format Picture Size Picture Rate NTSC 352x240 29.97 Hz Film 352x240 29.976 Hz PAL 352x288 25 Hz The maximum video stream bit rate varies. For tracks, the rate is 1151929.1 bits per second. For the segment area, the rate is limited by the maximum bit rate and the requirements of the Audio data stream. The video pack size is 2324 bytes.

MPEG Audio Parameters

Layer 2 Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz Bitrate: —for audio/video tracks 224KBits/sec

I use the NTSC specifications, and find that I have to capture my video in the NTSC 352 X 240 pixel size at the first stage of capture for everything to work. Converting a larger or smaller format at time of MPEG compression doesn't work for me. I use Indeo YUV 9 initial compression to get the best starting file for MPEG conversion from my ATI All in Wonder Pro, ans ULEAD VideoStudio 4.0 for MPEG compression.

So what you have is a four step process:

1. Capture you video in Indeo YUV9 352X240 at 29.97 fps with 44.1khz stereo sound in AVI format. A 4 minute video will take approx. 700 MB

2. Encode (Compress) the original file to MPEG1 preferably using a LIGOS MPEG1 encoder (as in Ulead VideoStudio)

3. Create the VCD Layout in Adaptec VideoCD creator. It will scan the files to make sure they work. I like to then create a disk image file to make sure everything is working.

4. Burn the VCD, and try playing on your DVD player.

That's it!!

-- j pickens (, December 30, 2000.

I have recently found this problem with my equipment. First of all ignore everything else you have read, then go and buy a CDRW DISK. Burn your movie on to this and then try playing it through your DVD rom drive. This has worked for me. I also am trying to find out why I can burn playable MPEGS on a CDRW and not a CDR....................... I hope this works for you.

-- David Hackwell (, January 19, 2001.

I think Nero is your best choice for burning a VCD from an mpeg. You may try using a cheap cd-r. The same thing happened to me and someone suggested I try "Prime Peripheral" cd-r's. They are a cheap cd (about $18 for a 50 pack at office max) that fixed my problem.

-- Jerry Oltremari (, August 16, 2001.

I'm no expert but I'm fairly sure I'm correct, but it seems the tosh 2109 does not support any cdr- cd-rw around ..I have the same player here at home and the SVCD thazt works in show rooms does not work here. the machine is just too old.

-- mark goodwin (, February 02, 2003.

You're right, i've tried over ten different types of CD-R on the SD2109 and it'll just say 'DISC ERROR'

-- Jon Stone (jonboy[removethisspamblock], August 01, 2003.

I was reading if you want to play VCD on the Toshiba SD2109 its all to do with the media you choose. Try one off these. Princo CDRs Memorex CD-RW Platinum Verbatim CD-RW Traxdata CD-RW

Let me know how you got on. (Web site that i found the information.)

-- craig (, October 03, 2003.

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