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How did deregulation contribute to this energy crisis? I'd like to read something that would present both sides to this problem, but don't know where to find it. I've heard a radio commentator say that the environmentalist in California have prevented the building of additional power plants which has caused a shortage in energy. Could you direct me to something that would explain what is going on? Thank you.

-- Ron Peake (, December 29, 2000


i am doing a speech for FFA and it is on deregulation in general. i am doing this because i am a dairy farmer living in Montana and our industry was deregulated, we lost over half of our farmers went under as the producer price droped. so with this pending issue of electricity deregulation, i thought that i wanted to wright a speech on this general topic. my thoughts on this problem is that production was cut on purpuse to creat an artifical shortage of electicity, then raising the price. i don't think that out new president and his adminastration is helping the situation as they call to a close on the idea of re-regulation. i think that they should not be so close minded and that they should be more optomistic to a solution, and while i'm on this topic i think that the new president should imideatly stop down talking the economy for his tax proposal. i agree that a tax break would be well recived by the economy, but not one of the president's copasity or target area of income. oh, well i've rambled on lone enough and covered too many issues than i should. thank you, please contact me if you have any coments-chris fritz MT.

-- chris fritz (, February 09, 2001.

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