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What should I write about in some future journal entries? Please leave behind your suggestions for future journal entries as well as your website address -- if you have one -- so that I can give you credit in the entry and link to your site.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2000


I think you should talk about that Michael guy in your journal some more. Not only is he going to be an accomplished architect, but he is a stud. So much as to that one singer from N Sync named Joey, got plastic surgery just to look like him. It boggles the mind some times.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2001

I'm so writing something about you, Joey. After you and all your other little N'Sync pals marry me. You know, one at a time. Joey first. *Snicker*

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2001

Once again I am not Joey. It is not my fault that he chose to get plastic surgery and make an attempt(rather lame one I might add)to look like me. He just wants to be like me, but made the tragic mistake of being in a wuss boy band. Nuff said.

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2001

I never said that you looked exactly like Joey. You do look a lot alike him. And if you do recall one moment in time, I did say that you were much more adorable than Joey even after his plastic surgery attempts.

No advertising on Human Wonderful unless you tell me what a wonderful human I am! :P

- The Princess

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2001

"You do look a lot alike him"? The hell? The idea of Michael and Joey together made me too hot and bothered to use proper grammar.

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2001

Not sure if everyone knows this, but here in California I (and several others) have a ghost investigation group. The question I am posing is, what do the others that read and/or post to this forum think ghosts are? Are they the spirits of the dead, demons prentending to be loved ones that have passed on, or fancies of people that aren't "all" there? I am curious as to what others think on this subject.

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2001

Write to yourself. In the future. It is enlightening, fun, and disconcerning. Challenge yourself, question yourself, above all fuck with yourself. Then laugh!!!! Your ass off!

Remember it is important to SEAL these letters away until the correct time. Then boundries matter!!! Don't open till Christmas.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

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