Which seasons have we seen?

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The NERDS home page says that the brits have had 3 seasons of scrapheap challenge and the US has seen 2 of them. Which season have we missed, the first one or the 3rd one? I'm confused. Also are we going to see all 3 seasons of it? This is my favorite must-see TV show and I could just watch endless hours of it!!! I tape and watch each episode at least twice! Geo said that they cut out a lot of details, so I think they should increase each episode to 2 hours and re-edit the old episodes into 2 hour versions.

-- Richard Manahan (rjcyclesk8@hotmail.com), December 28, 2000


We haven't seen the first season. The thrd season is airing now on TLC.

-- Jake Mongler (mongrel_8@hotmail.com), December 28, 2000.

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