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im looking for a copy of winoncd or video pack 4.0 , i have easy cd creator 4.0 and nero 5.03 but when i make a vcd it seems that my created cd will oonly work if i use a cdrw and not when i use a cdr, i was told that winoncd will solve this problem but i have been unable to locate a copy or a place to download from, can anyone help? im willing to trade for any of my software or... please e-mail me at :

-- mario monge (, December 28, 2000


Hey Dude I Have WinOnCd 3.7 Power editionAnd If You Want A Copy I Can send It Too you.. It Works Really Good For Video CDs And Has An encoder On It.. Let Me Know If U Want It?

-- Chris Jacobs (, December 28, 2000.

I read on several other boards that if you want your DVD player to read VCD you will need to us CDRW. Don't ask me why? My personal experience says use CDRW. Exact same file on CDR does not work in DVD player byt cdrw does. I'm useing ATI rage all in wonder and NERO.

-- Mike Bennett (, December 28, 2000.

The color of the dye on the CD-R is not recognised by DVD players[especially first generation].I have tried all the 3 main colors and their variants and nothing worked with my Panasonic. Finally a particular CD-RW worked. I don't see how videoPack can solve this problem!!!???

-- malnadman (, December 30, 2000.

True, these programs probably won't help Mario, but I'd also like to get a copy of Video Pack 4 to add PBC to my VCD's. So far, I haven't had any luck finding reasonably priced software in English(or any lang close enough for me to stumble through...).

Sure hope the rumor that ahead's adding this feature to Nero in Feb pans out :)

Otherwise, if anyone can point me toward the vcd2.0 specs, I'd appreciate it(yeah, doing this manually will most likely turn into a butt ugly mess and big waist of time, but hey, if it's just a little hex editing on Nero's prefab files and a few of my own thrown in--I'm game)... couldn't find them anywhere for free (Even the specs cost $$$!!!)

Thanks in advance for your help and... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

-- JM (, January 01, 2001.

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