Where do I send Nosher's fan mail?

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I just watched the Meglomaniacs throw down a beautiful trike dragster. I'm so dang impressed with that alignment! They really didn't need Dick looking so BAD to make them look great, but it was a great laugh to see him going down the track backwards.

Nosher's lucky I'm already married, otherwise I'd have chase that fella down.... but I do have a really nice girl I'd like to introduce him to if he's not married. ;) She is an areonautics engineer with 15 years "bodging" experience on her HD panhead and knucklehead, and I will be PUSHING her to apply for your show.

My husband and I love the show and really enjoy people's reaction to the show after we encourage them to tune it in.

Well, I hope you fellas are happy... you've turned me into a groupie I guess, this is my first fan letter!

Again.. the show is great and NOSHER RULES! Sincerely, Judy

-- Judy Kemp (MsHardtail@email.com), December 27, 2000


Nosher is pretty cool, but he's damn lucky that The Brothers in Arms' dragster didnt work right... It almost beat them using reverse. If it woulda had just 1st and 2nd gear it would have won. It's kinda hard to be a V8 using a 140cc bike engine, or whatever it was...

-- Fut (fut004@hotmail.com), December 28, 2000.

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