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Hi everybody,

I have two questions regarding this player. 1. Does this player plays SVCD ? I have made one and displays only a blank blue screen. 2. I made a Photo album with winoncd 3.7 PE (ver. 548) with latest patch 572-2) tje same problem with blue screen. Pressing 'stop' and directly selecting a number it will display thr warning ' please make sure that your player supports videocd 2.0 standard' note that this same photo album plays well on my china made vcd player. Does 626 does not support videocd 2.0. But i have a karaoke vcd that says videocd 2.0 that plays on my 626. a problem on software (winoncd) or my player (626D).



-- bongj (, December 27, 2000


according to, no the pioneer 626d does not support svcd. No mention is made of any other problem with a video cd on a cdr/cdrw I own i believe it's predecessor (606d), and that one does not play svcd either (or for that matter most cdrs). BUT it did play fine the photot cds i made with qin 3.7 with the service pack upgrade just fine

-- Doug (, December 28, 2000.

thanx Doug

Do you think it is wise to change my Pioneer 626d with Hitachi 505u..considering that hitachi505 supports vcd,vcd @ high bit rate, svcd , dvd, & mp3 on both cdr &cdrw....but ive heard that pioneer picture quality is better than hitachi. what do you think...does anyone here tried winoncd photo album played on hitachi 505... any review on hitachi 505...


-- bongj (, December 29, 2000.

if you want all of that with no problems (svcd,high/xvcd, vcd all cdrs and cdrw) then get the Pioneer dv333 this is the replacement model for the legendary 525 player it is is priced below $200.

-- Doug (, December 30, 2000.

heres your problem svcd uses mpeg-2 like dvds but that dosn,t work on the 626 it can only read mpeg-1 on a vcd disk try xvcd instead 29&Submit=Search&Search=Search&viewall=0

-- David Law (, May 20, 2001.

I use Ulead dvd picshow 2 and it works on my pioneer!!

-- m.janssen (maurice76@DOLFIJN.NL), August 03, 2003.

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