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Ok, I have downloaded a lot of movies, music videos, and TV sows off the internet. Now I have a question, How do I burn them on to CD to make a VCD?

-- Vince (, December 27, 2000


Visit Adaptec. Their Easy CD Creator 4.0 creates Video CD's.

-- Jason Tuikka (, December 28, 2000.

First, you have to see whether your movie file are compatible with VCD format. If not, then you have to convert 'em. Video:1150 kbit/sec MPEG-1 352 x 288 pixels (PAL) and 352 x 240 pix (NTSC) 25 frames/second (PAL) and 29,97 fr/sec (NTSC) Audio: 224 kbit/sec MPEG-1 Layer2

To convert have a look at this site:

Once you finished converting, your MPG files are ready for VCD. To burn as VCD, have a look at this site:

Hope this will help.

-- squall (, December 29, 2000.

you can use tmpeg to do the conversion without any problems but first add the mpeg4 codecs for AVI/DIVX and for ASF U need to install MS media tools. There U go

is that okay KEV!

-- pain killer (, February 07, 2001.

asf files dont always work with TMPEGenc :@

-- Makaveli4Life (, December 25, 2002.

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