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Using WinOnCD 3.8, I have sucessfully made a Photo Album and plays well in Pioneer 525. However, I have a problem when I add music to the album (new feature in 3.8 !!). The sound quality while playback is very poor and lot of 'cliks'.

Following are my experiments with this new feature;

1. Created .WAV file from a music track (from the music cd) in 44KHz 16 bit stereo. In winoncd, dragged it into album. Double click the music icon in the album and set the properties. (There is another problem with these settings. The result is the same for whatever option you choose !!). While burning, WinOnCd will encode the .WAV file to .mpa file first and then burn.

2. Same as step 1 above but with .WAV file as 22KHz and 16 bit Stereo. are

-- Lugi (, December 27, 2000


Hi Lugi,

I get exactly the same problem with WinOnCD 3.7 PE. I've tried different numbers of pictures, lengths of display time for each picture etc, different WAV's (all 44KHz 16bit stereo). The sound clicks and jumps whilst playing back on my Toshiba SD200E DVD player, although everything else works fine. Seperate CDDA tracks work fine, too.

Also, I tried adding music to the main menu, and get the same problem.

The only thing I can think of is trying to encode an MPA file beforehand, or burning an image and trying to play it back on my PC.

Any thought?


-- Pete Fung (, May 02, 2001.

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