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Hello ! Can anyone help me how to make karaoke text in VCD ? what software or hardware I used Studio MP 10 & Yamaha CDRW for burn i,m use adaptec 4.02 thanks

-- Nanang (, December 27, 2000


hello nanang,

I'm learning how to do karaoke text myself. I found a couple ways of doing it and both ways require Adobe Premiere. There's a lot of step to do it in Flash so it might get confusing if you don't know Flash. The other is using the Premiere wipe transition.. first create text in one color and the same text in a different color and use the wipe transition to change one color to the next giving the hightlight effect. Make sure the transition matches your sound file. Then export the text transition in a movie file.. and use that movie file to do a superimpose on the movie you want the text to be on.. That's how I did it and works fine. If anyone knows of an easier way or a program that does it.. please let me know.

-- nor (, December 27, 2000.

The next part is to take out the voice in the sound track :)

-- lnguyen (, December 27, 2000.

Hello Nanang, Lnguyen;

Ngueyn, look like are on the right track I guess, but what I have done my self is a little different. Before I have digital video editing, I have used video mixer to make karaoke. But now I do not have to use the analog video mixer any more, but I still used the karaoke software and tape it to tape then transfer it computer. After I got both video and text as AVI file then I overlay the text that I have tape onto the video and it work fine for me. About the sound I am still in the dark, but I can only able to use the stereo one. What I mean stereo is Voice of the singer must be only one side does not matter what side, I prefer left. I am still unable to remove voice from CD album, I wonder if anyone can? If you both need to discuss more please e-mail me.......

-- Todd (, December 28, 2000.

Well an audio track has two channels, left and right. Cool Edit allows you to play with either channels, i.e. edit, remove, cut, paste,'s a very cool software to work with. If you can somehow cut out the voice from the music track and paste that on one channel, while the other channel has both music and voice, then you'll be all set. Problem is you can't cut the voice out without effecting the music all together! This is the problem. If you have analog mixer, perhaps you can do the voice cutting better then what digital software can do. Alternative is to record a audio clip that has music and voice and another audio clip that has only music. Edit and paste these clips together into one stereo track, and work it that way. This is very time consuming and extremely hard to align....Now I-author supposed to be able to do all that for you in its VCD 3.0 module....I don't have a good way to cut out the voice!!!!

-- lnguyen (, December 28, 2000.

Sourcing song clips with no singer:

You can use the track from a 'music only CD' for your Karaoke left channel. Then get a good singer friend to sing with this music track, record it and use this track for your Karaoke right channel. Unfortunately, there are not too many musical only CDs available.

Another method, maybe not so ethical, pinch it straight from another Karaoke song clip by extracting MP3 from the Mpeg1 file. This must be the method used in making those cheap Karaoke VCDs, because so many of them come with differnt videos, but has exactly the same song music and the same singer's voice.

-- t_o_ (, December 28, 2000.

ok heres what i did in making my first karaoke version of Nsync "this i promise you".....first i go to napster to search and d/l an instrumental only song, then i use cool edit to cut and paste and allign both song, full song (voice and back ground)on left channel and instrumental on right channel ...

-- poy (, December 29, 2000.

did anyone know the proggram speacial to build VCD karaoke

-- andreas sembiring depari (, February 10, 2002.

Hello! Can you help me how to Bruning Video CD to CDs?what kind of Software or Hardware I used to burn Video CD Actually I'm use Adaptec Ezy CD thanks.

-- Angelica (, June 25, 2002.

to burn out the vcd karaoke file the best software i use it Nero 5.0 just drag and drop so easy ......! if you need more info email me >>! i explain more ............>>>>>>

-- ko (, August 04, 2002.

If your looking for software that can do the full professional VCD Karaoke Text. IE wipe to new color with shading (ie blue for male, red for female and green for both) you can get it, search with google for the string "VNI-Karaoke". It is the same software that the PROS use.

-- Panther (, March 01, 2003.

"VNI-Karaoke" software don't have free-try to download , is there other similar software I can use?

-- kazumi (, July 08, 2003.

after reading the posts on here i went looking around and found this page i havent tried anything yet but im downloading a couple to have a look

-- paul (, December 01, 2003.

Hello! Can anyone help me how to make karaoke VCD? what software can make it. please tell me. if i have mp3,avi,mpeg,midi file. if you want to make karaoke text in vcd you will try this software ( Kbuilder)you can search from internet. i forget this www to download. it will tell you next time if i see this www thank you for your help.

-- Sengsouliya SENGTHONG (, December 29, 2003.

if you run a cd player through a dolby prologic receiver that has dsp and preamp outputs for all channels, run the receiver in 3 ch mode y- cable the right,left,and sub together and hook it in the left channel on you sound card. hook up the center output to the right channel on your sound card and walla. it seems like this may work but i might be wrong. i have not tried it myself, (yet)

-- vidkid (, February 20, 2004.

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