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Hi there - Im a student thats keen on climbing Mont Blanc this summer. Ive just come back from climbing Meru and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and have experience of using crampons etc whilst trekking in the karakorum himalayas. I also do some rock climbing so am familiar with ropes etc. Could anyone put me in touch with a guide or company that offers technical mountaineering courses and itinararies on Mont Blanc please.


-- Oliver Tebbutt (, December 27, 2000



I presume from your email address that you are a student. I am in my final year at edinburgh. I was wondering what you have found out re: mont blanc as I plan to go out there this summer? Any info would be appreciated.



-- daniel blake (, February 27, 2001.

Hi ! I climbed Mt Blanc in Sept. 99 and can recommend a local Chamonix guide : Dave Cumming Email tel from Uk 0033450536064.

For more info about Mt Blanc pls feel free to email me.

Best wishes


-- Lee Darbyshire (, March 02, 2001.

Hi Oliver, I hope to climb Mont Blanc in July/August. I will be using a company called Exodus, , to supply the trip: flights, guides, accomodation, etc. It looks like a good trip and comes highly recommended. Cheers, Michéal.

-- Michéal Brogan (, April 25, 2001.

Check out the Chamonix web site at There's some info on guides with various company names and tel nos.

I'm hoping to climb Mont Blanc next summer and recently went to the Bureau de Guides in Chamonix to ask for advice. They said you need to book guides at least 3 months in advance and it's quite expensive. I'm looking around for a cheaper option so am interested in the replies you get.

Good luck.


-- Mary Yates (, July 04, 2001.

Hi all,

I've just come back from Borneo where I climbed Mount Kinabalu, and me and some friends are looking at climbing Mont Blanc, probably next year. Does anybody know how the two compare?, i.e. how much harder is Mont Blanc, given that it is about 800m higher?

Any answers would be appreciated.

-- Lewis Bradshaw (, July 22, 2002.

I'm going to climb mont blanc this summer, have looked around, cheapest british company have found is £850 for two week trip (, the cheapest french guide seems to be around 800euros for a five day course ( Haven't booked yet still looking around so any other suggestions greatly appreciated, am 26 female if anyone's going alone and needs a buddy!!!

-- Ashley Beard (, February 03, 2004.

Check, the official site of Courmayeur's guides. They have several packages for beginner who want to attempt Mt Blanc from the Italian side (a bit more difficult but also more varied and less frequented). Their home page is also in English, and most of the guides speak English, French and German

Mail me if you need more info.

-- Luca Signorelli (, February 06, 2004.

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