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I'm reltively new to playing VCD's. I recentley bought a APEX DVD player, capable of playing DVDs, VCDs, MP3s, and CDs. I checked and it has ability to play PAL and NTSC. I tried playing *.asf, and *.mpg files on there but it did not detect them. The MP3 player works fine though.

To get to the point, how can I convert *asf files to be able to play on my DVD player, and do I need to make sure I burn the cd in the 'DVD Module' in order for my play to detect it?

-- Phil Leyba (, December 26, 2000


To amke things cleaer, its an APEX AD-660. The DVD player.

-- Phil Leyba (, December 26, 2000.

in a nutshell you would need a cd burning program that has a template or mode that lets you burn in video cd format (nti cd maker pro and cd maker 2000, adaptec, nero, etc their are quite a few out there). Also you have to make sure you encode them to vcd format before burning. ASF files arew different, however the program virtual dub (freeware) will let you input an asf file and convert it to an avi, from there you encode it to an mpeg in vcd format for burning

-- Doug (, December 26, 2000.

Unfortunatly I think the latest version of virtual dub no longer supports asf at the request of Microsoft. An older or patched version may be available but I don't know.

-- Colin Guthrie (, December 27, 2000.

D/L Virtual Dub 1.3c if you can find it, newer version will not work. D/L WindowMedia Encoder 4.1. D/L TMPGEnc version 12b if you can find it also (version 12a if you are not interested in making SVCD) Install these components. Please don't ask where to find some surfing...If you can download these ASF's and MPG's, you should be able to find these programs. The URL's are in this forum.

1. Open up Virtual Dub and load the ASF. Wait for it to complete the file parsing.

2. Audio option, set the middle block to NO AUDIO.

3. Video option, set the bottom block to DIRECT STREAM COPY.

4. File option, select SAVE AVI and save to an avi file.

5. Audio option middle block set to AVI AUDIO.

6. Audio option top block, select CONVERSION and set to 48Khz, High Quality, 16bit, Stereo.

7. Audio option top block, select COMPRESSION and set to UNCOMPRESS PCM.

8. FILE option SAVE WAV and save to a wav file.

What you have done is essentially demux the ASF into its two individual components, video (AVI-MPEG4) and audio (WAV-PCM). Why not just feed the ASF into TMPGENc12b because it will also work? Video and audio sync will come back to haunt you if you do.

9. Open TMPGEnc12b, browse video and load the AVI.

10. Browse audio and load the WAV.

11. Click on the LOAD button at the bottom right and choose VCD TEMPLATE (NTSC or PAL your choice).

12. Click on the SETTINGS button to the left of the LOAD and do the following: a) Video Tab, Motion Search = High Quality. b) Advance Tab, Field Order=Odd field First. c) Aspect Ratio = 4:3 525 lines NTSC or 4:3 625 lines PAL. d) Image Position = FULL SCREEN.

13. If your ASF or MPG is poor in quality, you may want to play with the ADVANCE TAB's Filtering options. Warning, this will slow down the encoding time by a double factor per filter. i.e if no filter the encoding time = 1:2 (950Mhz CPU) and adding a filter option, then the encoding time = 1:4, another filter = 1:8, etc... The two I would play with are noise redution ( 37,1,37) and edge enhancement(37,24).

14. Click on START and wait.....and wait.....and wait....(do this at night before you go to sleep).

15. The ending clip is ready to be burn to CD-R with Nero or EZ-CD (the deluxe version...the one with VCD MODULE).

16. Open up Nero or EZ-CD and choose VCD option. Case Nero, just drag and drop the *.mpg file into the bottom left window from the right window. Case EZ-CD, follow the VCD Module Wizard instruction.

17. If you are working with *.mpg, then skip 1 - 8 and 10. Instead of loading AVI, just load the MPG.

18. Capture your own video the next time around instead of d/l them from the internet. You will find it's an enjoyable hobby.

-- lnguyen (, December 27, 2000.

why go through all the steps, only software you need is nero burning software, you just click to make vcd option, then drag whatever video file to it and it will automatic convert it for you, time taken only 2-3 hours. after that you will have a cd which can be play on most vcd/dvd player

-- chris (, September 17, 2002.

I am getting this error while converting from .asf file. i am using VirtualDub v1.3c anyone please help me ASF:illegal object fragment flags 0a in packet at aa6 packet size=4b0,pp=12,send time: 0:00

-- Ravichandran (, December 19, 2002.

I followed the step-by-step procedure above using VirtualDub, TMPGEnc, and finally Nero. I found that separating the audio and video streams CAUSED synch problems. Just using VirtualDub in direct processing mode for both audio and video, then taking the resulting avi and using Nero, I got better results.

-- David (, February 04, 2003.

YOu can find Virtual Dub v1.2 at . I stumbled upon this basic site by typing in "virtual dub 1.2" using google. It was about 6 pages in.

Good luck

-- Michelle (, March 14, 2003.

I am trying to convert my ASF files to MPEG too and i am having a lot of problems... When i take my asf and go direct to TMPGEnc it comes without sound (the mpeg). So i tried to separate audio from video, but i get the same message the other guys said here "ASF:illegal object fragment flags 0a in packet"...

I tried to use Total Recorder but i dont get sync... Help me Please!

-- Markeetoo (, March 29, 2003.

I've posted Vitualdub1.3 on my webspace for everyone. link is

-- justin (, April 10, 2003.

Hello all,

I'm trying virtualdub13c. I worked with tmpgenc now, its a nice program but so slow, Do anyone know a program that work the seem as tmpgenc nut faster... It's teaking at least 3 ours to convert a avi and when you want better resolds it takes about 9 ours, ok my cpu is not so fast it's an oldy but still there must me an faster way to convert a 150mb avi or asf or isn't there... Oye don't mark my typing.. my englisch isn't so good.... I hope you can convert this all i wrote...hihi Greetzzz

-- Geert (, September 04, 2003.

If someone already posted this tool I apologize in advance. I read through this post earlier and didn't see it mentioned. I have a whopping headache now and couldn't read through all the posts. The only program I've ever used that could sometimes make heads or tails out of .asf or .wmv files is ASF Tools. It has a tool to recode the .asf files, and has some interactivity with Virtual Dub, in that there is a special option to make the file compatible with VDub. Here's the site: Personally, I've found working with .asf and .wmv files to be an all around hassle, but ASF Tools has been the one bright spot as far as that's concerned. It's freeware, also.


-- sk (, September 04, 2003.

thers a program called E.O. Video. That will encode asf files as well as .mov and .rm ( as long as quicktime and realplayer are installed on the system ) Tmpegenc will convert asf files also.

-- Eden (, September 08, 2003.

quisiera bajar un programa que convierta asf a mpeg1 o vcd gracias por su atencion

-- darwin (, March 16, 2004.

Use ASFTools-> Advanced Repair -> Fix Bad Spots

-- Frans (, April 19, 2004.

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