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Can you mount a 90mm Super-Angulon XL on a Technikardan 45S? Many thanks in advance

-- Yaakov Asher Sinclair (, December 26, 2000


i don't think it's possible. the rear element is too large. the regular 90/5.6 will work. call hp marketing and they can give you a definite answer.

-- adam friedberg (, December 27, 2000.

The rear element is too large to fit through the hole in the camera unless part of the lens is removed which leaves the lens exposed to damage if it is placed down on the rear element.

The Rodenstock 90mm 4.5 Grandagon-N is a superior performer that does fit.

-- Bob Salomon (, December 27, 2000.

Yes you can, but with some effort.

The rear element of the 90mm XL is too large to fit through the opening of the front standard of the Technikardan 45S.

With the lens mounted on a suitable lensboard, you need to unscrew the rear element, attach the lensboard to the camera, and then screw the rear element back on from behind. Of course to do this means detaching or removing the bellows which then has to be replaced.

It's actually quite easy to do in practice especially if you are also changing from the standard bellows to the wide-angle bellows at the same time. The main worry is that the rear element of the lens is at more risk of damage / wear and tear.

In my opinion, there is no practical difference in lens performance between the major lens manufacturers - the results from my Rodenstock lenses seem as good to me as the results from my Schneiders which seem as good as the results from my Fujinons. The main advantage of the 90mm XL is that it has an image circle at least 20mm larger than the equivalent lenses from Rodenstock, Fuji, and Nikon. If this is important to you then the added difficulty of using the 90mm XL is of little relevance.

I was told by Lihhof in England that it is possible to shave down the rear element of the 90mm XL allowing it to fit through the opening of the front standard of the 45S. For obvious reasons I decided against having this done.

-- Philip Y Graham (, December 28, 2000.

Do you really need to remove the bellows to do this? Does the TK45s have a removeable back or a Graflock back? If so, couldn't you place the front and rear standards close together, remove the back and screw in the rear element?

The other issue with the 90XL is the front filter thread size. It's bigger than the largest wide angle adapter from Lee in case your a user of 4" filters. Lee makes a special foundation kit which works with this lens (FK-100).

-- Larry Huppert (, December 29, 2000.

Larry is absolutely right, you can gain access to the rear element of the lens through the rear standard once the back is removed and this is certainly an option if you aren't changing the bellows at the same time (although the design of the bellows on the TK45S means they can be removed and replaced very quickly).

There is also something else to consider. Bob Salomon e-mailed me with regards to my above reply. He considers that the rear element of lenses, especially wide angle lenses, should never be removed/replaced repeatedly because of the possible damage to the delicate threads and the possible loss of shims which could end up ruining the lens performance.

I think he has a very good point.

Although I have used the 90mm XL on my TK45S for about three years without there being any obvious problem, everytime I remove/replace the rear element of the lens I am acutely aware that the slightest slip could lead to permanent damage. I am sure that by doing this there is a potential shortening of the lifespan of the lens.

However, there are certain large format lenses - such as convertible lenses and the Nikkor-T lenses - which routinely have their rear elements removed and replaced and I wonder if anyone has experienced damage or problems with such lenses.

-- Philip Y. Graham (, January 01, 2001.

Yaakov, Philip and others,

I do not have a 90mm SA XL (but I do have a TK45S), so I have no first hand knowledge on this issue. However, I do remember reading somwhere (I believe in an old thread in this forum) that Steve Grimes can make a custom trim ring and lens cap for the rear of the 90mm SA XL that will allow it to pass through the opening in the TK front standard without removing the rear element, and also protect it from damage during transport. This trim ring would replace the factory trim ring and screws right into place without disturbing the glass elements in any way. I don't have all the details, so it would be best to call Steve for info (and price). In the mean time, you might want to prowl around in the old messages here to see if you can dig something up. Sorry I can't be more specific, but like I said, I'm only repeating what I've read elsewhere. Best to go to the source (Steve Grimes) for the details.

As far as unscrewing the rear element every time you mount and unmount the lens, that would be a bit tedious and prone to fumble fingered damage. Still, I do it fairly regulary in the field with my 360/500/720 Nikkor T-ED telephoto set, and also occasionally in the comfort of my home when mounting/unmounting a lens to/from a lensboard. Yeah, anytime you handle a lens in this manner, there is a risk of dropping it or crossthreading it, but as long as you are careful, you should be OK.

Personally, I prefer the much smaller rear elements on the 110mm SS XL and soon the 80mm SS XL, but that's a whole 'nother story (based on my needs, not yours).


-- Kerry Thalmann (, January 01, 2001.

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