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I am in the process of transfering some aging educational VHS tapes to VCD format that can be distributed, but am concerned about people extracting the seperate MPGs and repacking them.

What I am wanting to do is set the "Copyright" and any other information portions of the MPG so that our production group is locked into the file somehow. Is this possible in Adobe Premier (using the Panasonic MPEG Plugin)?

I, of course, would also be interestd in knowing if any of these info blocks can be altered after the MPEG is encoded.

Thank you for any help!!


-- Nicholas Pappas (, December 26, 2000


Hello there:

You got it right. In adobe Premiere you can add your logo in transparency mode so it will allways be prompted. No matter how many copies they do they will alway watch your video with your logo on. Sorry for my english since it's not my native language. Regards

Martin Video Editor

-- Martin G. M. (, November 21, 2003.

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