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I'm a Mac user (sorry). I have the Heuris engine (standard) that can make MPEG-1 files. I refuse to pay 500 bucks for the "pro" version just so that it can work with Toast (seems like ripoff to me!)

Can Nero on the PC use a Mac created MPEG file (made with the standard Heuris)? My (limited) understanding is that Toast is the problem with making vcds on the Mac, and that the "pro" version just addresses this problem.

I want to continue editing and encoding on the Mac, but would be able to burn on a PC.

Thanks for your help!

-Doug PS. I tried Query's software and was not happy with it -- it did not work for me and seemed very unpolished. M.Pak is gone (and Apple bought it but hasn't re-released a product with it yet).

-- Doug (, December 26, 2000

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