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Any thoughts on using Atlas undertable switch machines with DS54's for control? I'm looking for something on the easy/simple side and don't think I really want to do the switchmaster thing yet. Maybe next layout.


-- Jeff Frederick (, December 26, 2000



I have used the Atlas undertable switch machines to operate the turnouts on my Z-scale coffee table. They work well.

Before you consider using them, verify if they can work with the snap switches that Atlas sells. You will need the Atlas snap switches to power your frog.

Switchmaster, installed the way the manufacturer sells them, does seem hard to me. Done the way I do them on the Rix bracket, they are truly simple. The bracket has so much adjustment range and the motor has so much potential throw, you just can't help but to have every machine work without the need for templates or any careful measuring. I even glue on a connector that matches up with the DS-54. Pretty sweet! See the turnout control section of my web page.

Lots of people like Tortise, too. When installed per the manufacturer's instructions, they usually work the first time.

I don't think any of these three approaches are much harder to do than one another. In my opinion, all these approaches sure beats all the other under table twin coil machines. I'd wire them up, but someone else with the knack for aligning them had to get them to work. The Atlas approach is probably the least expensive though.

Program your DS-54's carefully, you could easily burn up the twin coils in these devices if you apply the pulse too long. Also, with any twin coil, if you try to route them, you may find that you won't have enough power.

The Atlas coils, being much smaller than the typical twin coil, may not require the external power supply for the DS-54. I don't know this for sure.

Hope these ideas help.

Allan Gartner

-- Allan Gartner (, December 30, 2000.

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