What is needed to create VCD's for DVD player

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From the mouth of a beginner...

I have a Sony Camcorder (Not Digital) All-in-Wonder 128 capture card HP CD-WRITER Ulead VideoStudio (ver 3.0) ...Will soon purchase a DVD player with CD-R capabilities.

From all indications, I seem to have all I need to create a VCD... Am I correct?

I have looked through the FAQ's and am a little confused. My question, hoping not to offend any experts is:

Can I capture to an MPEG-1 format using my All-In-wonder card, edit it using the ULEAD software (including adding music) and then burn a CD. Will this, hypothetically, play on a DVD player with CD-R capabilities?

Thanks for your assistance,

-- Paul Sanderson (justforfun133@hotmail.com), December 26, 2000


Yes, you are very close but I think Ulead Video Studio ver. 3.0 is little slow when you rendering the movie to MPEG-1.

I never try ATI All-In wonder 128 capture card, but it will be much better than Dazzle DVC what I have. I done a lot of VCD by using DVC USB Special Edition and Nero 5.0

-- Cher (cher_her@juno.com), December 28, 2000.

Thanks for your answer.

These BB's are great!

-- Paul Sanderson (justforfun133@hotmail.com), December 28, 2000.


Was wondering if you had any success with your VCD project.

I am also a novice, but I noticed that your posting seemed to be missing some crucial steps (if you intend to play your vcd in a DVD player on your TV)

1. Capture video to an AVI file using your capture card. 2. Deinterlace and resize video (using software such as VirtualDub). 3. Convert AVI file to MPEG1 (using software such as AVI2VCD). 4. Burn MPEG1 file to CD-R.

[I may be missing the point if your card captures directly to VCD compliant MPEG1. Keep in mind that not all MPEG1 files are VCD compliant.]

Also, you need to be careful in selecting your DVD player. I have a Panasonic A120, which apparently does not read CD-R or CD-RW media even though it will play original VCDs.

Let me know if you have had any different experience.

-- Curt Wvong (curt.wvong@poboxes.com), March 05, 2001.

I've got the ATI All in Wonder 128, the ATI MMC 7.1 update - available on ATI's website for $10 including DVD, or D/L all except the DVD Player; Creative CDRW 8x4x32, Nero 5

ATI MMC allows for on the fly VCD 2.0 - compliant MPEG - 1 capture, and it doesn't look too bad.

My Pioneer DV-333 plays CD-R/RW fine, CDA audio or VCD.

My stepdad's Sony DVP360 didnt like either CDR or CDRW.

-- Jason White (jman0918@juno.com), April 15, 2001.

Also, a good editing software program can be bought for $20 ...

VCDCutter (http://vcdcutter.yeah.net)

It misses by about 5 frames on Mark in/Mark out, but the edited clips are reasonable for home editing, if you don't mind a few hiccups. It does allow you to tie several clips on end together, and split clips, something Nero 5 will NOT allow, which is why I went hunting for it.

Everything else seemed to be at least $100, and MGI Videowave didnt support VCD 2.0

-- Jason White (jman0918@juno.com), April 15, 2001.

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