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I have a few HO loco's I need to install decoders in. Can anyone suggest a suitable decoder for these. Also, are there any issues/gotcha's for these locos. I'd like to stay with Digitrax decoders with transponding if possible. Thx

I thikn these have DCC plugs, but I'm not sure:

Atlas RS-3 Life Like Budd RDC Bachmann Consolidation steam Athearn Genisis Light 2-8-2 steam Atlas RS-1

I know these have DCC Plugs:

Life Like Proto 2000 PA Life Like Proto 2000 E7A

I know these DON't have DCC Plugs:

Life Like Proto 2000 GP9 Life Like Proto 200 SW9

-- Jeff Frederick (, December 26, 2000


Dear Modeller,

If you want to use only Digitrax products with transponding here are my suggestions;

1) Atlas RS3- Digitrax Plug and Play Board Decoders in HO or DZ121, DN142, DH142. 2) Life Like RDC- DZ121,DN142 or DH142 3) Bachmann Consolidation- DH142 w/NMRA plug or the DN142 w/NMRA plug 4) Athearn Genesis Steam- DH142 (uses nine pin receptacle on decoder) 5) LL Proto 2K PA - DH142 w/NMRA plug (Check the Stall on the PA because it might require a higher amp decoder, exp. DH83FX) 6) LL Proto 2K GP9- DN142, DH142 7) LL Proto 2K SW9- DZ121, DN142 (with major weight removal DH142)

To my knowledge the Atlas RS-3, LL Proto 1000 RDC, and LL Proto 2K SW9, do not have the NMRA socket. With the LL Proto 2K GP9, if it is of the newer runs, I have read that you should use a low profile NMRA plug because there is a height problem. If it is an older run then it will not have an NMRA socket and the solution is to hardwire in a Digitrax DN142 or DH142.

Based on your question I assumed that you had to have Digitrax decoders with transponding. Good luck.

-- David F. Butts (, December 29, 2000.

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