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Oh Aeon Flux Oh Aeon Flux How we adored our Aeon Flux Oh Aeon Flux Oh Aeon Flux we simply loved our Aeon Flux But Mtv she cancelled it replaced it with bad rap music Dexter, Beavis, Butthead too can you believe this bad schedoool? Bad Schedooool If we could have our Christmas wish we'd let them know they missed the mark the right way to creative bliss is not drug addicts from the park Hard working writers, actors too Artists who have got a clue And that's my Christmas song to you Don't worry now, I'm really through really through...really through...

-- Peiggi (, December 25, 2000



-- Barb e. (, December 25, 2000.

huMmM......merry xmas everyone!!! :O)

-- Lady Morgan (, December 26, 2000.

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