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i have lenses in both of these shutters and have noticed they both came with and are mounted with spacers (on toyo and technika boards). the compur doesn't seem to need the spacer but the copal looks as if it must use it. does the spacer effect the lens' nodal point on either shutter or are these shutters designed to be the length of the spacer in front of the lens board?

-- adam friedberg (, December 25, 2000


Hi Adam, I owned a 210mm Osaka commercial in a copal 3 shutter, I used it on a Toyo AX and it required a spacer so that the apeture lever would clear the front standard, It has nothing to do with the lens nodal point. I suspect this is the reason your lenses are mounted this way. The tech board is about the same size as tghe Toyo.

-- Bill Bartels (tlr220@msn,.com), December 26, 2000.

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