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-- hiibilly (, December 25, 2000


The Flat Earth FAQ

I can see how it may at first be confusing, but I'm thinking that if one clicks through to this section, Flat Earth Projects, Mr. Teapot Campaign and then clicks on Random Mr. Teapot Quote, there should be no confusion. This was one of the quotes that came up:

Mr. Teapot says:

I had to dump my last girlfriend because she was a spy, and I can't make friends because they're ALL spies (and the feds won't let me, it's part of their plan to break me, but they haven't yet!)

Then again.....

-- (testing@123.456), December 26, 2000.

-- (fjsl@sldfj.lasd), December 30, 2000.



-- test (, October 05, 2001.

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