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Does anyone know of any programs/utilities that are able to make an exact image of a VCD?

I tried using Disc Copy, ASTARTE CD-Copy 2.0.3e, Shrinkwrap, Toast 4 and a variety of other applications, but every one of them gives some kind of error about bad media, write protection, -36, and others. I have tried numerous known good source VCD's.

There MUST be a way to do this because the VCD's that I'm trying to copy ARE copies of VCD's... I can make a VCD copy with ASTARTE CD-Copy, but I can only copy the MPEG tracks; the ISO tracks with the chapter info and such I am unable to copy as it gives me the error..



-- Val Sybel (, December 25, 2000


I have had decent luck with CDRWIN 3.8, but that program does give errors once in a while too, especially if the copy you are trying to make from is on CDRW. Try CloneCD, its absolutely made perfect copies of everything I have thrown at it.


-- Tygrus (, December 25, 2000.

you can do this by using isobuster to extract the dat file from the mpegav dir on the vcd. create this as an mpeg i.e. extract the mp2 frames to do this is easy and te prog is free to boot.. extract frames & call the file c:\video1.mpg & once it is to your drive use nero or whatever vcd creation software to reconvert it to vcd you can get a dodgy copy of nero from but remember to download the keygen or serial number. the other way is to use clonecd to copy the imposible vcd's


-- pain killer (, February 07, 2001.

Try Slowing Down Your Read Speed

-- fhakfaf (, June 02, 2001.

I tried using CloneCD to copy a VCD. It looked pretty promising and copied the whole thing with no errors. It even played trumpet to announce the successful copy of my VCD. But when I tried to play it in my DVD/VCD player, it would not recognize it as a valid format. I heard there is a setting in CloneCD that you need to change in order to make a copy of copyrighted CD/VCD. Can anyone help me with this please?

A. Naz

-- A. Naz (, February 25, 2002.

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