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i am trying to make my life easier while taking my toyo"C" outside trying to replace the focusing clouth with a monocular with*1.5 loupe. does someone know if it is an easier way to block light and still have good focusing resaults?!!!thanks

-- eliasi sharon (, December 24, 2000


I have a Toyo 23G and use the monocular viewer instead of a darkcloth much of the time, especially during the summer months (I live in AZ!) since it can get uncomfortably hot under there. If you find a better solution, please pass it along...

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, December 24, 2000.

Eliasi, you could try to find a bag bellows focusing hood with an attached loupe. This blocks out all the light while focusing. Toyo sells a "balloon" focusing hood but it doesn't have a loupe attached (I don't know if they have increased their accessories list), you could probably attach a loupe on after.

-- Dave Anton (, December 27, 2000.

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