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I have a Radeon 64, with ViVo. My Dvd player is a Pioneer DVD333. I have tried making VCD's of my own captures, using Nero 5, but I cannot seem to get a perfect disc. I set my mpeg1 (reverted back to mpeg1 until I master this process) capture to 384x224 @ 29fps. I have it set for stereo 44.1, and I have tried every possible video bitrate capture. However, I have horrible, choppy sound. When I transfer the Mpeg to Nero, it says that it is not 2.0 compliant. I cannot seem to obtain such a video, since even videos downloaded off the net are not 2.0 compliant. Anybody know where to go from here? Thanks!

-- Darryl Guenther (, December 24, 2000



For a start, try 352x240 @29.97. Also, how are you making your grabbed mpeg file VCD compliant? For instance, are you using TMPGEnc?


-- Al Meikle (, December 24, 2000.

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